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Markku Rajala T&T:n blogissaan:Kiinan vientiin tarvitaan romaani, ei novelli

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Progress in introducing cleaner cook stoves for billions of people worldwide

It may be the 21st century, but nearly half the world's population still cooks and heats with open fires or primitive stoves that burn wood, animal dung, charcoal and other polluting solid fuels. The article in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology describes impressive progress being made to remedy that situation and the obstacles that remain.

Long-term exposure to air pollution is associated with survival following acute coronary syndrome

Mortality from all causes was higher among individuals with greater exposure to PM2.5 in survivors of hospital admission for ACS in England and Wales. Despite higher exposure to PM2.5 among those from more deprived areas, such exposure was a minor contribution to the socioeconomic inequalities in prognosis following ACS.


EurActiv: Traffic pollution and noise linked to heart diseases

Exposure to traffic pollution and noise can in the long run lead to atherosclerosis, according to a German study which for the first time explored the links between the two. 


HS: Ilmastonmuutoksen tutkimuksessa käytettävä ilmalaiva saapui Suomeen

Kansainvälinen ilmakehutkijoiden ilmalaiva on on saapunut Suomeen. Ilmalaivan vierailu on osa yhteiseurooppalaista Pegasos-tutkimushanketta, jossa selvitetään muun muassa ilmakehään muodostuvien pienhiukkasten vaikutusta ilmastonmuutokseen ja ilmanlaatuun.


NIOSH recommends new exposure levels for nanomaterials

New Current Intelligence Bulletin issued by CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reports the results of research in which various types of carbon nanotubes/carbon nanofibers can cause pulmonary fibrosis, inflammatory effects, and granulomas in laboratory animals exposed to them by inhalation.


Plants slow climate change by forming cloud sunshade

Reuters reported about the study from the University of Helsinki on sun-dimming effect that could offset about one percent of warming worldwide and up to 30 percent locally.


Hiukkaspitoisuuden kalibrointilaitteistot puntarissa

Tampereen teknillisen yliopiston aerosolifysiikan laboratorion isännöimä kansainvälinen vertailumittauskampanja (18–22.3.2013) kokosi osallistujia yhteensä 7 eri maasta, 3 eri mantereelta.


Researchers pinpoint how trees play role in smog production

 After years of scientific uncertainty and speculation, researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill show exactly how trees help create one of society's predominant environmental and health concerns: air pollution.


Microscopic dust particles found in underground railways may pose health risk

 New research from the University of Southampton has found that working or travelling on an underground railway for a sustained period of time could have health implications.