Turning Aerosol Science to Business 9.-10.11.2011

Wetcome to Fine Particle Forum Autumn Seminar 9.-10.11.2011 in Tampere.The seminar is held together with nordic aerosol conference Nosa2011 (10.-11.2011).

Seminar is held at Tampere University of Technology (TUT) in Hervanta, which is at the eastern part of Tampere. All the presentations on Wednesday will be held at auditorium TB111, located at Tietotalo building, TUT (Map)

The main topics are commercialization of hightech, open innovation and trafic emissions. We have great speakers from all around Europe.

Fine Particle Forum Award will be granted at the seminar evening event, Ice breaking party.


Sponsors and Exhibitors



Wednesday 9.11.2011

09:00     Coffee and registratio

10:00     Session I: The truth about research commercialization
Chairman: Markku Rajala, Pegasor Oy
10:00 Opening words, Martta Toivola, Project Manager of  Fine Particle Forum
10:20 High tech creates income to the city – truth or myth?, Dr. Kari Kankaala, City of Tampere
10:40 Venture capital – how to turn research into new ventures. Case cleantech, Dr. Tarja Teppo, Cleantech Invest Oy
11:00 Best practices of commercialization of nanotechnology, Dr. Eeva Viinikka, Culminatum Innovation Ltd Oy

11.30     Lunch

13:00     Session II: So happy together

Chairman: Dr. Marko Marjamäki, Fortum Power and Heat Oy
13:00 How to ensure good results from co-operation, Dr. Lars Gädda, Forestcluster Ltd
13:20 SME struggling with a huge Asian partner, Juha Kaartinen, Pegasor Oy
13:40 In your dreams – turning research into innovations, Dr. Tapio Koivu, University of Helsinki
14:00 Open Innovation – manageable or not?, Dr. Olli Pekonen, Beneq Oy

14:20 Coffee Break

15:00         Session III: DPM – Don’t Particulize Me!

Chairman: Prof. Jorma Keskinen, Tampere University of technology
15:00 Health effects of diesel exhaust, Dr. Per Schwarze, Norwegian Instute of Public Health
15:20 Towards zero emissions, Lennart Lindholm, Volvo
15:40 Factors that influence and define purchase decisions relating to particulate abatement technologies in a heavy plant environment, Ian Bennet, TBD Presentations
16:00 Discussion


18:00     Ice Breaking party
Fine particle forum award and networking. Ice breaking party is together with Nosa2011

Thursday 10.11.2011

9:30-10:15 Plenary
Particles from road transport: Perpetual problem or soon to forget?, Assistant prof.
Leonidas Ntziachristos, LAT, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

10:20 Session 1: Traffic related emissions
Scientific presentations of Nosa2011 attendees
10:20 Modelling of secondary aerosol formation from gasoline exhaust, P. Roldin, A. C. Eriksson, E. Z. Nordin, J. E. Carlsson, P. T. Nilsson, M. K. Kajos, H. Hellen, E. Swietlicki, B. Svenningsson, M. Kulmala1, M. Hallquist and J. Pagels
10:35 Effects of exhaust after-treatment on diesel exhaust nucleation mode formation and characteristics, T. Rönkkö, J. Heikkilä, T. Lähde, L. Pirjola, F. Arnold, H. Schlager, D. Rothe and J. Keskinen
10:50 Size-resolved particle emission factors for individual ships, J. Westerlund, M. Hallquist and Å.M. Jonsson
11:05 High-resolution mobile monitoring of traffic emissions in Helsinki, L. Pirjola, T. Lähde, A. Malinen, J. Niemi, A. Kousa, T. Rönkkö, P. Karjalainen, J. Keskinen, A. Frey and R. Hillamo
11:20 Correlation between the oxidative potential of diesel particulate mater and its volatile organic content, S. Stevanovic, B. Miljevic, N.C. Surawski, S.E. Bottle, R. J. Brown and Z.D. Ristovski
11:35 Size-resolved particle number concentration exposure for urban travel modes, G. Ripamonti, S. Signorini and G. Lonati
11:50 Can high-speed civil aircrafts be used for stratospheric sulfur geoengineering?, A. Laakso, H. Kokkola, A. Laaksonen, K.E.J. Lehtinen, A-I. Partanen and H. Korhonen


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